Bring a life-changing cause into the workplace.

The Safe Harbor Foundation is proud to offer a partnership program that builds upon the interests of a purpose-driven workforce. We provide companies with the right tools to strengthen office teams, unite employees, and improve overall morale in the workplace.

This program is designed for companies that pride themselves in corporate culture and employee engagement. Recent studies show that effective ‘cause marketing’ and ‘charitable giving’ programs in the workplace can lead to greater success in recruiting millennials. In addition, these same programs result in higher retention of talented professionals.

Become a corporate partner today.

We want to help your company achieve success in its pursuit of meaningful charitable causes. Through a non-profit partnership with the Safe Harbor Foundation, your company will experience greater team-building through service, opportunities to volunteer, and improved job satisfaction.

In addition, we will feature your company name and logo on our website, in our collateral materials, and across social media platforms and presentations. Your customers and clients will be thrilled to hear all about your new humanitarian programs!

Interested? Get in Touch

Allow us to customize a unique partnership for your business based on the following options:

International Program Support

Your company can fund life-sustaining aid for those in need, provide needed funds for housing improvements, fund classroom and educational purchases, or even support the construction of additional children homes in a remote area of the world.

Domestic Program Support

Choose to support programs here at home that benefit families and individuals in pursuit of independence and self-reliance. Companies, universities, or schools can also provide fulfill ongoing service opportunites in additional to monetary donations.

Payroll Deduction

Invite employees to contribute to a company-endorsed cause. Employees can donate $5 or more from each paycheck to support an international or domestic program. In addition, through corporate matching, executive teams can double those funds and make each donation that much more impactful.

Event Sponsorship

We think outside the box when it comes to fundraising events. From go-kart racing to boxing matches, our events are innovative and fun! Choose to be a sponsor, purchase tables or seats, or donate auction items and packages.

Fundraising Campaigns

Take ownership of a specific campaign and start raising funds! Invite employees to be creative and get behind a noble cause that will change the lives of others. Think of crowdfunding platforms, office events, and other cool ideas.

Expeditions & Executive Field Visits

Visit one of our project sites and witness the impact of our work firsthand. Send the executive team abroad to learn more about our programs. Work with us to form an expedition that allows select employees to participate in the work while expanding their own global perspectives.