Calm During the Storm

When the storms rage, even the most gifted will drown without help. At Safe Harbor, we rescue those stuck in the storm, strengthen the breakwaters to keep the storm surge at bay, and educate those in our harbors so they can survive the rough waters.

Our mission is simple.


“We exist to enable others to become independent and self-sufficient in weathering their own unique storms and conditions.”

The following charitable organizations are part of the Safe Harbor Family:

Found in the small village of Huayllabamba Peru, this children’s home can care for up to 70 children at a time. There is no formal foster care system in Peru – Sunflower cares for those that have nowhere else to go.

Circles Salt Lake exists to help end intergenerational poverty. Under the Circles model, ending poverty starts by changing the social circles of those that live in poverty.

Her International focuses on ensuring that girls receive an education and have access to skill-building opportunities and micro-financing.